BLM Youths

Youth development & Growing up under structural racism.

Black Lives Matter Georgia/BLMG assists organizations and help to develop new ideas, strategies, and capacity for achieving racial and social justice. BLMG specializes in non-violent action that allows progressive organizations to imagine, plan, document, and assess innovative work. BLMG draws on everyone’s extensive experience and networks in community organizing, leadership development, and other key issues. Our combined effort focuses on the effect racism has as a primary force affecting the life chances of young people of color and limiting opportunities for youth in general. Also, in our combined effort, racism is not an issue relegated to a particular program. Instead, a racial justice framework infuses even the most traditional aspects of our youth development work. Still, each individual organization has faced many challenges stemming from the broader unwillingness within contemporary society to acknowledge, understand, or address the reality and impact of racism, and for that reason, this can no longer be a moment, it has to be a movement.

Special Thanks

We at Black Lives Matter Georgia Inc. wish to say thanks to all of our donors. Without you guys, our mission would be very difficult. We are a small nonprofit and rely on the generosity of donors such as yourself. Your financial support makes it possible to help so many. Once again, Thank You...

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