We are a grassroots organization doing abolition work that would shift the moral tide of this world towards one that does not have or believe in police, prisons, jails or violence.


Black Lives Matter Georgia is working inside and outside of the system to heal the past, re-imagine the present, and invest in the future of Black lives through policy change, investment in our communities, and a commitment to arts and culture. We are also committed to nonviolent action across America.


Black Lives Matter Georgia imagines a world where Black people across the diaspora thrive, experience joy, and are not defined by their struggles. By achieving liberation, we envision a future that is fully divested from police, prisons, and all punishment paradigms to be replaced with investment into justice, joy, and culture.

“We are decolonizing philanthropy, We as part of a global movement are charged with disrupting traditional standards of what grant-making in philanthropy looks like. It means investing in black communities, trusting them with their dollars.”

We are continuing to evolve from an organization that was boxed into Black death, to what it means to celebrate the fullness of Black life. The things that we live for, and that keep us safe.

Black Lives Matter Justice Fund helps community groups on the front line of the crisis against police violence, who utilize legal advocacy to fight the racial profiling and misuse of force, have the resources they need to dismantle qualified immunity and hold police accountable for bad behavior in the courts.

Similar to previous social movement organizations, the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) has faced a myriad of critiques today compared to the Civil Rights Movement, the achievement of Black Lives Matter, and Black essentialism. Some argue that Black Lives Matter is reaching for lofty goals that seem unattainable; protesting is noteworthy and strategic rather than a limitation.

We must also move from protest to active nonviolent movement. Our action cannot be a single-day event- it must be a commitment we make and act upon every day of our lives.

We know black people are far too readily denied decent education and employment, stopped and frisked, apprehended, incarcerated, criminalized, animalized, and killed.

Black Lives Matter movement has helped to advance understanding of Black dehumanization, change attitudes about racism in America and around the world, and thrust policing and criminal justice reform into the international spotlight.

Scientists have tried to identify some predictive factors, such as racial bias, a bad temper, insecure masculinity and other individual characteristics, many of which can be identified through simulations already used in officer training5. Nix suggests that such screening could help with vetting officers before they are recruited. But raising the bar for hiring might be impractical, he cautions, because many police departments are already struggling to attract and retain highly qualified candidates.

Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing in Cambridge, UK, suggests that states have the constitutional power to license, or revoke, the power of any individual to serve as a police officer. “If a state agency was keeping track of everyone’s disciplinary history, they might have taken Derek Chauvin out of the policing business ten years ago,” says Sherman. Chauvin had received 18 complaints against him even before he put his knee on Floyd’s neck. “We monitor performance of doctors,” Sherman adds. “Why don’t we monitor the performance of police officers?”

Even officers who are fired for misconduct are frequently rehired. But carrying out disciplinary action, let alone firing a police officer, is notoriously difficult in the United States. Union contracts give officers protections that have been tied to increases in misconduct.

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