About Us

Our mission is to help survivors and families that have suffered from the loss of a relative or loved one as a result of unjust or questionable police behavior and use our unique and creative ideas to help bring the police and the community together to save lives.

Our vision is that all people can live without fear!

One of our goals is to make the world aware of the fear people of color endure every day and how they fear the same forces that are supposed to serve and protect them. As historical and recent events demonstrate, America’s painful history of racism continues to drive undue levels of prosecution and death on people of color and deny them the opportunities and protections essential to their health, safety, education, and economic success. We stand against racism; we stand with people of color. Black lives matter! Those who have the opportunity to serve others freely and personally should see this good fortune as grounds for humility. The practice of humility will strengthen their will to be of service. No one should take for granted their advantages over others in health, talents, abilities, success, a happy childhood, or congenial home conditions. One must pay a price for all these boons. What one owes in return is a special responsibility for others’ lives.

We offer Free Community Education workshops, The community education program is designed to raise awareness through effective and creative offerings.

· Anger Management

We offer expertise in all aspects of anger and conflict management. We offer support, programs, and training for the general public, children, and teenagers. From individual support, workshops, seminars, with a certificate upon completion, we offer something for everyone experiencing anger directly or indirectly

· Life without fear

Fear is the largest blockage in life. Fear is a secret enemy, which takes possession of people regardless of age and occupation. It makes us nervous, anxious, frustrated, scared, and cowardly. we are most afraid of? Pain, death, shame, loneliness, loss of loved ones? In this workshop, you will learn

  • how to open yourself and trust the world, without fear

  • how to understand anxiety structures

  • how to study the mechanisms of anxiety present

  • how to search for the roots of the present fear

  • how to work with the fear of death

  • about The impact of fear on your energy body

  • how to create inner courage and self-confidence

  • how to deal with negative beliefs and create a positive image of yourself

  • about the transformation from fear to love yourself and the world around you

  • how to strengthen your nervous system through simple exercises

Despite the contemporary public’s discourse regarding the embrace of human diversity within the United States, Black males still are perennially brutalized, killed, and negatively stereotyped. Recent events regarding police killings underscore the reality that even though Black males have the same constitutional and civil rights as all other citizens, in practice their rights are often violated or denied. The negative stereotypes of Black males are problematic because it creates an environment and negative perception of them that causes some police officers to claim that they feared for their life before shooting. The history of police oppression and killing of Black males and teaching critical race theory as a theoretical perspective helps to explain this pervasive social inequity.

” Black people are far too readily denied decent education and employment, stopped and frisked, apprehended, incarcerated, criminalized, animalized, and killed. No one should take for granted their advantages over others in health, talents, abilities, success, a happy childhood, or congenial home conditions. One must pay a price for all these boons. What one owes in return is a special responsibility for others’ lives.

Special Thanks

We at Black Lives Matter Georgia Inc. wish to say thanks to all of our donors. Without you guys, our mission would be very difficult. We are a small nonprofit and rely on the generosity of donors such as yourself. Your financial support makes it possible to help so many. Once again, Thank You.

Black Lives Matter GeorgiaPO BOX 14186Oglethorpe StationSavannah GA. 31416(912) 272-0441director@blmgeorgia.org

Nonviolence Project/Nvp

Black Lives Matter Georgia is committed to nonviolent action across America. Blmg draws from the experiences of those who have suffered at the hands of violence…

We ask: what must our response be? And our answer- as tentative, grappling, searching, and seeking as it may be is that it falls upon us as citizens living in the communities across America to utilize all nonviolent means available to stand up against violence in any form – to engage the youths in schools and the community, most definitely; We must protest against violence by peaceful marches and protest against violence.

We must also move from protest to active nonviolent programming. Nonviolence cannot be a single-day event- it must be a commitment we make and act upon every day of our lives. What might this active nonviolent program look like? And how might we act in solidarity with community leaders all across America? By working with our children, teaching them the Nonviolent way of resolving conflicts.